Intima Type-D Brake Pad Set (Rear) to suit Nissan Skyline R32 GTR V-Spec / V-Spec II, R33 GTR & R34 GTR - Brembo 2-Pot Calipers

Intima Type-D Rear Brake Pad Set to suit Nissan Skyline R32 GTR V-Spec /  V-Spec II, R33 GTR & R34 GTR & Stagea WGNC34 260RS - Brembo 2-Pot Calipers.


Dedicated Track Work, Circuit Racing and Time Attack


For a pad that will handle the demands of relentless track abuse, look no further than the flagship Intima Type-D.

Formulated solely for the race track to withstand up to 850°c temperatures, these pads provide incredible stopping power and will withstand a large amount of punishment lap after lap.

Used in competitive race cars in all different types of events such as World Time Attack Challenge, be assured knowing that you can always depend on the Intima Type-D when pushing the limit.
Don’t let brake fade and inconsistent torque rob you of the win. 

Scorched during the manufacturing process, these pads will provide great initial bite right out of the box, thus dramatically reducing bed-in time – beneficial for dedicated race vehicles.

These pads are not ideal for street use as initial warm up is required.


  • Low metallic compound
  • Stable braking force from low to high temperatures
  • High resistance to fade
  • Lower dust output and noise when compared other race pads


  • 250°c to ~850°c degrees Celsius operating temperature
  • Average µ: 0.45~0.48
  • Scorched for improved bed-in
  • 100% Non-Asbestos Low Metallic Carbon Formula
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